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The Story

Why, 14 years after selling our recording company Scripture in Song, would we decide to record again? Well, it's simple ... over those years we experienced something so profound that we have to share it and music has always been our way.

From 1998 to 2005, we journeyed through an intense seven years of pain and loss. Our beloved 31 year old daughter Rachel was diagnosed with cancer and died at age 33. You never contemplate your child dying before you. We suffered other losses and a massive financial injustice along with sickness and brokenness of all kinds.

One day we realised something. In all of the nightmares we had stumbled through, one thing stood out above everything and that was the depth and richness of God's never ending love to us. Holding us in its timeless tenderness, this unbridled love was always our certainty and assurance.

Out of our experiences, the words penned so aptly by George Macdonald became our reality, the corner stone of our sensibilities. This is what he said:

'This is and has been the Father's work from the beginning, to bring us into the home of his heart, this is our destiny.'

With the gravity of this statement foremost in our minds, we did what we have always done. We wrote and wrote and ended up with Coming Home, a collection of songs inspired by Scriptures that express the longing on God's heart to have us with him where we belong. The song of the prodigal son pictures the father watching, waiting endlessly for his child. Finally, he sees him coming home and runs to meet him, embracing him and restoring him totally.

Our longing is that these songs will convince you of what we are totally persuaded: that nothing can separate us from the love of God. God is watching, waiting for us to come and be with him, to fulfill the longing of his own heart.

As you listen, let the exquisite sounds from down under the Southern Cross fused with the majesty of the Budapest Symphony Orchestra wander into your heart and mind. Experience the truths of Scripture that these songs contain as you rest in the heart of the Father.

It's where you were born to be.

Joining us on this recording is co-writer Luke Kaa-Morgan with Maori and Polynesian singers from the South Pacific.