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Let My People Go

Let My People Go is a documentary that chronicles the ministry of David and Dale Garratt from their beginnings with Scripture in Song through to their call to see indigenous people worship God in their own unique and cultural ways.

The Garratt's firmly believe that the treasures and sounds God has placed amongst different people groups are so that glory will come to him as these gifts are used in worship.

Experience the challenging scenes and sights, and listen to moving stories from people who have been given new hope and insight as they worship their creator with their own God-given expressions of praise and adoration.

'God bless you David and Dale, the Lord increase the reach of your ministry, may all the families of the earth be blessed through this video, blessed with the many hues and colours that love expressed to God in song can take'

- Randall Miyachi, Hawaii, USA

'What an eye-opener to realise that God has given each one of us cultural uniqueness that can be used in a worship setting.'

- Michelle Chew, Singapore

'Awesome, pioneering work.'

- Norm McLeod, Gisbourne, New Zealand

'Working with Australian Aborigines, I highly recommend this DVD to all Christians and to all those interested in their nations destiny and direction.'

- John Blackett, Perth, Australia

'I am so excited to see new freedom in cultural praise and worship. Well done, very inspiring!'

Nancy Vallese, Yuen Long, Hong Kong

'This is a powerful tool for changing the perspective of how the church should see worship. I feel I've just seen Revelation 7:9.'

- Vae Eli, Samoa